Indonesia to compete in dependable games in Beijing

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Indonesian would take part in dependable games in the Olympics in Beijing next year, Vice President Jusuf Kalla said here Monday.

Kalla made the statement during an exclusive interview with Chinese media ahead of his five-day visit to China on Wednesday at his office here.

"Indonesia must participate in the most dependable games," he said.

Kalla gave examples including badminton and archery.

He said that Indonesia had prepared for the world competition by joining training.

"Indonesia has many branches of sport that can be relied on," he said.

However, he admitted that the Indonesian team was not as strong as the Chinese team.

Regarding to the transit of the torch of the Olympics in Jakarta next year, the vice president said that Indonesia hailed the transit.

"We are very happy. That means we will be part of the Olympics. Indonesian athletes of course will carry on the torch in turn in Jakarta as a promotion of Indonesia's participation in the world forum," he said.

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