Beijing launches energy-saving and emission-cutting project

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China's capital has launched an energy-saving project which makes the readjustment of industrial structure its priority.

The adjustment plan includes cutting by four million tons the production of Shougang Steel Company, relocating a Chemical Plant and closing the city's small power generating stations and 16 small coal mines, the Beijing Daily reported..

Energy-saving will be seriously implemented in government agencies, large public buildings, high energy consumption industries; the authorities are targeting such areas as lighting, water use and earth resources, energy renewal and pollutant emission reductions.

In 2007, the project will comprise a number of items related to the 2008 Olympic Games, sources of the Municipal Commission of Development and Reform were quoted as saying. They include a zero-electricity-consumption pilot project for the Olympic Village, LED (light emitting diode) lighting at the National Aquatics Center, the use of 50 electricity-powered buses in the Olympic Village, completion of the 50,000-kw Guanting wind power generation station by the end of the year, the use of solar energy for the water-heating system of the National Indoor Stadium.

The general objective is to cut per unit gross domestic product (GDP) energy and water consumptions by 5 percent respectively, chemical oxygen demand (COD) by 3 percent and sulfur dioxide by 10 percent.

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