Beijing to be surrounded with parks by 2008

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Thirty more parks will be built on the outskirts of Beijing by 2008, as part of a green belt construction plan that will kick off this month, according to the city's development and reform commission.

The 30 new parks, with a combined space of 1,340 hectares, will be built every three kilometers along the northeast section of the 5th Ring Road and the southwest section of the 4th Ring Road, a spokesman of the commission said.

"We plan to set up another 30 parks by 2008. By then, these parks in the city will make up more than 4,000 hectares," said the spokesman.

The parks on the outskirts will have more green areas with fewer entertainment facilities, said the source.

The parks will not charge an entrance fee.

Beijing to be surrounded with parks by 2008(Over)
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